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  • NAHB members save thousands of dollars each year thanks to NAHB’s advocacy efforts and other member benefits. While home building is a challenging industry, NAHB’s resources, expertise, and educational opportunities can help you build a better product, build a better business, and create a more positive business environment.

    Through agreements with more than 20 national companies, NAHB offers exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services that can benefit your business, employees, or family.

    Explore the range of member savings available below. You can also download an overview of all discounts, including phone numbers and program codes.


  • The PBA Workers' Compensation Program is an alternative market program established by the Pennsylvania Builders Association in 1999 to help members leverage their group buying power to save on workers' compensation costs. The program is only available to association members and since inception has grown to nearly 600 accounts with almost $9 million in premium volume. 

    PBA Workers' Compensation Program participants don't: 

    • Experience large surprise audits 
    • Pay the same high work comp premium when business is slow
    • Burden operating cash flow with a large down payment of premium 

    PBA helps businesses compete with the parallel pay® program offered, allowing members to pay insurance premiums as they go, automatically through payroll service or manually as they pay employees. 

  • The Wayne Pike BIA has been working with our exclusive, private partner, Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) to help our members reach maximum growth and potential through their one of a kind BPA Process. This has been refined forover 10 years of working exclusively with Builders, Remodelers & HBA Associate Members.
    As an exclusive Wayne Pike BIA member benefit, we are offering you the chance to register for and redeem your 2021 Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions. An annual BPA is included 100% with your Wayne PIke BIA Member Benefits (A$2,200 value). 


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